Founded in the fall of 2012, Ecosystem Planning and Restoration (EPR) is a small company with a big presence and a singular mission. Our name says it all – our goal is to be a premier ecosystem planning and restoration firm that provides services to support a sustainable environment. We believe that our experience with restoration on a national stage gives us increased ability to evaluate all restoration options and techniques available, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients. The ownership of EPR was structured to represent the core disciplines required in ecosystem restoration: biology, geomorphology, and engineering. Mr. Sonny Kaiser is an Environmental Scientist that has performed environmental assessments on thousands of feet of stream and thousands of acres of wetlands in the Gulf Coast States. As a part of his responsibilities with past consulting firms, Sonny has served as Senior Project Manager and Scientist on a wide range of environmental assessment, permitting, NEPA compliance, and stream restoration projects. Sonny is a Principal for EPR and currently serves as our Gulf Coast Operations Manager. Mr. Will Harman is a Professional Geologist with 23 years dedicated to advancing the science and application of stream restoration, and is nationally recognized for his expertise, applied research, and training courses. Will was a co-founder of Buck Engineering and River Works, and currently serves as a Principal for Stream Mechanics and EPR. Mr. Kevin Tweedy is a Professional Engineer that has participated in hundreds of stream and wetland restoration projects across the nation. In his current role as Principal with EPR, Kevin is responsible for the company’s design and engineering services and serves as our East Coast Operations Manager.
Sonny Kaiser (left), Kevin Tweedy (center), Will Harman (right)

Mission Statement

Provide ecosystem planning and restoration services to support a sustainable environment.

Vision Statement

EPR’s vision is to be a premier environmental planning and ecosystem restoration company.

Corporate Values

  • IntegrityIntegrity is nonnegotiable and must be the foundation of everything we do. Our business is built on personal relationships and trust – without integrity, there can be neither.
  • QualityQuality must carry through all phases of our work, from the initial proposal through the completed project and close-out. It must be a part of every deliverable, from the cover letter to the detailed design plans.
  • Environmental Stewardship – We care about the environment – its why many of us chose our environmental professions. We are all stewards of the land and have a responsibility to future generations.
  • Client Focused – Without clients, we have no business. Clients come to us initially to help solve their problems, but will return to us because of the relationships and trust that is developed. “Client-focused” means that we must provide services in a way that is efficient, friendly, service-minded, and supportive of our corporate values.
  • Teamwork – We are stronger together, working as a team, than when we work alone. The environmental and ecosystem services that we provide require a multi-disciplinary approach; therefore, teamwork is required.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – This value reflects our desire to be innovative and risk-tolerant, and is an essential part of our company’s ability to succeed in an ever changing and increasingly competitive marketplace. We are nimble in the face of change, and when combined with good leadership and good people, growth opportunities are provided for us all.
  • Innovation Innovation is the development of new ideas and solutions that improve the work we do. Our goal is continual improvement and advancement to stay on the cutting edge of science. When we work towards innovative solutions, we create a vibrant work place, a better product, and added value for our clients.