EPR Welcomes Jake Byers as Newest Principal

EPR is thrilled to announce Jake Byers, P.E., as our newest Principal. Jake’s dedication to ecosystem restoration and conservation, coupled with his innovative approach to sustainable practices, marks a significant addition to our leadership team.

“I am excited to move into the role of Principal for Ecosystem Planning and Restoration. Our team consists of exceptionally talented and dedicated individuals who inspire me daily. Joining the leadership team is a profound honor and an opportunity to restore ecosystems, enhance agricultural practices, and support biodiversity. Our work is more crucial than ever. I believe in the transformative power of sustainable practices and the positive impact we can make on our natural resources for generations to come.”

Jake Byers is a familiar face at EPR, where he has consistently demonstrated his expertise and passion for environmental stewardship. Since joining the company, Jake has led numerous transformative projects in stream restoration and regenerative agriculture. His work focuses on developing science-based designs and strategies that not only restore degraded landscapes but also promote biodiversity, sequester carbon, and enhance ecosystem services.

“Jake embodies the core values of EPR—dedication, expertise, and a passion for environmental stewardship. His leadership is a demonstration of the, “Get It Done” drive that EPR provides, and always at the highest quality we can perform,”

– Sonny Kaiser, founding owner and CEO.

Born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Jake graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Outside of his professional endeavors, Jake enjoys raising beef cattle, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and playing sports with his children. He resides in Weaverville, NC, with his wife and two children.

As EPR’s newest Principal, Jake will continue to provide leadership and vision to our team, ensuring we deliver the highest quality service to our clients. We look forward to the bright future ahead with Jake’s contributions and the continued growth of our leadership team.

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