Ecosystem Services

Ecosystems are complex, related groups of living organisms and their physical surroundings. When healthy, natural ecosystems provide valuable benefits to the surrounding environment and communities. Damage to one part of an ecosystem can have negative effects on other parts. Through time, this can affect surrounding ecosystems as well as the human environment.

EPR believes we are all stewards of the environment and have a responsibility to future generations to support healthy ecosystems. We deliver sustainable and cost-effective options for preserving, rehabilitating, and restoring ecosystems by focusing on natural and nature-based approaches.

Environmental Planning

When development or other construction projects are considered, various laws require that potential impacts to natural environments and economic, social, and political conditions be evaluated and documented. Detailed planning that meets all of these elements can be a lengthy and complex process.

EPR believes effective environmental planning provides society, project sponsors, and decision-makers with a clear picture of the potential costs, benefits, and environmental consequences. We deliver efficient and cost-effective options for project planning and permitting through detailed evaluation of project components, constraints, and regulatory requirements.

Water Resources Engineering

Man has a complex relationship with water. It's a valuable resource for drinking, agriculture, and navigation, and many people flock to coastlines, rivers, and lakes to recreate and make their homes. Human activities can affect water resources in both positive and negative ways, and too much, too little, or poor-quality water can threaten our very existence.

EPR believes that the most effective approaches to protecting water resources starts with understanding human and natural influences on the environment. We understand these relationships and provide clients with sustainable solutions to address water resource needs through enhancement, restoration, and mitigation measures.