Giving Back to the Community

EPR believes we all have a responsibility to provide a healthy environment for our neighbors and future generations. Periodically, we will spotlight our staff coming together to Give Back to the communities and ecosystems where we live and work. Follow our collective efforts at to learn more about how we support healthy and sustainable communities.

Giving Back to Bolivar Beach

EPR staff have a special connection to Bolivar Beach, located in Port Bolivar, Texas and a short ferry ride from Galveston. Over the past several years, we’ve worked tirelessly to assist in an ongoing project to restore 125 acres of coastal habitat to this community. The project upcycles material dredged from the nearby ferry landing to replenish eroded areas of Bolivar Beach, and to restore recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, and water quality to the community.

Environmental stewardship, one of EPR’s main values, serves as a constant inspiration to our team who truly cares about the environment. As stewards of the land, we feel a deep responsibility to future generations, which is why EPR partnered up with the Texas General Land Office’s Adopt-A-Beach program to help keep Bolivar Beach safe and clean. EPR staff, working in conjunction with Keep Bolivar Beautiful, have committed to collecting and responsibly disposing of litter throughout the year.

With new recreational opportunities also come new challenges, but EPR strongly believes that positive change happens one step at a time. We are proud to say that our first two cleanup events were a great success! As the beach continues to grow, so will our special connection to this community and the coastal environment. If you’re in the area, see the progress on Bolivar Beach and meet the people of the historic Port Bolivar community!

Through the Texas GLO Program, 552,788 Adopt-A-Beach volunteers have cleaned 11,057 miles and picked up 9,732 tons of trash. Consider becoming a Beach Adopter and join thousands of other stewards of the land working towards a better future!

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