Grassy Creek Stream Restoration Project, Mitchell County, NC

EPR is working with the Blue Ridge Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. (BRRCD) on the Grassy Creek Stream Restoration Project (Project) in Mitchell County, NC. The goal of the project is to improve water quality, aquatic habitat, floodplain connectivity, and riparian vegetation density/diversity of Grassy Creek. BRRCD seeks to remove Grassy Creek from the State 303d list and ultimately reintroduce native fish species to Grassy Creek, keeping with their mission statement to improve the natural and human resources to make the Seven County Area a better place to live, work, and play. BRRCD is supporting this project through State 319 and other grant funding sources. EPR is working with BRRCD to ensure that the project goals are met, and all project stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome. EPR conducted an existing condition geomorphic assessment of the site, evaluated project feasibility and alternatives, worked closely with BRRCD to select a final design approach, developed detailed designs, and provided bid-phase services and construction observation during project construction. EPR also coordinated with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission to relocate fish and other aquatic wildlife, including several eastern hellbender salamanders, from the existing channel to the newly constructed stream.

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