Piper Channel Maintenance Dredging

As in many areas along the Texas coast, ship traffic around Port Aransas has increased in recent years and is expected to continue growing. Such nearshore ship traffic can affect coastal communities by causing shoreline erosion, moving soil particles away from the water’s edge, and settling those particles in calmer areas such as marinas and residential canals.

Piper Channel is an example of a waterway that receives this type of sediment from the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. As sediment builds up over time, it clogs the channel and reduces access by personal and other small watercrafts.

EPR staff worked on behalf of our Client to obtain approval from the Texas General Land Office and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for this dredge project, and identified adjacent islands to receive the material.

Through our technical knowledge of dredging practices and regulatory requirements, EPR staff identified the most cost-effective and expedient path to maintain the channel and access by residents and businesses.