EPR believes that in most cases, natural and nature-based approaches are the most appropriate solution to restore ecosystem functions. Nature-based design and construction techniques have a growing track record of working in harmony with the natural tendencies of streams and other ecosystems. EPR has successfully applied these techniques to meet client goals under a wide range of conditions and challenges, using conventional approaches where necessary.

As a small business, we’re able to customize solutions to meet restoration objectives under a wide range of physical, social, and economic constraints. Our staff are trained and mentored to provide the best in project management and technical expertise in evaluating and assessing ecosystem functions, identifying sustainable solutions, preparing design and construction plans, and monitoring project success.

EPR staff have completed hundreds of ecosystem restoration projects throughout the eastern United States and Gulf Coast Region. We’re happy to share our experiences and discuss the possibilities for your restoration needs.

  • Field Assessments & Field Data Collection
  • Floodplain, Stream & Wetland Assessments
  • Channel Stability
  • Vegetation & Biological Inventories
  • Function-Based Assessment, Stream Quantification Tool
  • Total Maximum Daily Load Reduction Assessments
  • Threatened & Endangered Species
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Forest Stand Delineation
  • Mitigation Project Planning & Development
  • Floodplain, Stream and Wetland Restoration Design
  • Applied Research
  • Regional Bankfull Channel Dimensions
  • Reference Reach Data Collection
  • Channel Morphology
  • Watershed Characterization and Prioritization Plans

More information about EPR’s Ecosystem Restoration Services are also provided in our Corporate Brochure.