EPR Celebrates Erin Bennett, PE – Water Resources Engineer

Erin Bennett celebrates an impressive 10-year milestone with EPR, highlighting a decade of substantial contributions to environmental preservation and restoration. Within her role at EPR as an Environmental Specialist and Water Resources Engineer, Erin’s diverse range of projects includes, encompassing stream and wetland restoration, feasibility analysis for mitigation, agricultural pond initiatives, research endeavors, watershed assessments, and pipeline risk assessments.

Erin’s journey into environmental science was rooted in her childhood experiences. Growing up in the vicinity of the Great Smoky Mountains, she was immersed in the beauty of pristine forests and meandering streams. These early encounters with nature sparked a realization of the need to protect fragile ecosystems. With a natural affinity for math and science, coupled with a love for problem-solving and outdoor adventures, Erin’s path was set in motion.

“I have always loved my math and science classes, problem-solving, and being outside,”

Her interests led her to pursue a degree in biological engineering with a focus on ecological engineering. This academic journey paved the way for a career that aligned her passions with tangible ways to make a positive impact on the environment.

“These ecosystems reduce flooding, clean water, clean air, increase biodiversity and habitat, and provide jobs that impact the world and the environment,”

Outside of work, Erin enjoys a variety of hobbies, including traveling, attending concerts, hula hooping, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones. As we celebrate Erin’s 10th anniversary at EPR, we’re celebrating her milestone commitment that will undoubtedly continue to shape a more sustainable and resilient world for generations to come.

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