EPR celebrates Matt Koon, Environmental Technician | CADD Analyst

EPR is celebrating Matt Koon’s 10-year anniversary, a milestone that speaks volumes about his dedication to making a positive impact. With over 20 years of expertise in MicroStation and AutoCAD, Matt’s role as an Environmental Technician and CADD Analyst at EPR revolves around a diverse portfolio of projects, including stream and wetland restoration, ecosystem mitigation, and watershed initiatives.

Matt’s journey into the field was driven by his appreciation for the outdoors. With a passion for fishing, hunting, and hiking, he recognized the significance of preserving natural landscapes for future generations. Matt was inspired to embark on a career path that would allow him to contribute meaningfully to the restoration of streams, wetlands, and wildlife habitats.

“When you love the outdoors, the opportunity to actively nurture our natural environments through your work is incredibly exciting,”

Over his tenure at EPR, Matt Koon’s proudest accomplishment has been witnessing the successful completion of restoration projects. EPR projects have restored habitats for a diverse array of fish and wildlife species.

“Seeing a project through from start to finish and knowing that it has provided a home for various species of fish and wildlife is truly rewarding,”

Outside of his role as a steward, Matt Koon enjoys fishing, spending quality time with his family, and enjoying the great outdoors. As we celebrate Matt’s 10 years at EPR, we celebrate his dedication to the ecosystems that have been revitalized, and habitats restored.

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