EPR welcomes Heather Wallace, Senior Biologist

We are thrilled to welcome Heather Wallace to the EPR team! Heather has a remarkable 22 years of experience in investigating natural resources and is thrilled to get back to restoring streams, wetlands, and habitats.

Her expertise in various terrestrial and aquatic species, combined with her deep understanding of the Endangered Species Act, make her a valuable asset for the protection of fragile ecosystems.

“Even on a small scale, finding ways to minimize the impact on species that are already in decline can benefit the environment and other more common species as well.”

Heather has a passion for discovering new places, immersing herself in new environments, and learning about local flora and fauna. It gives her a special connection to the natural world and an understanding of the ecology of different species.

Outside of her scientific expertise, Heather can usually be found in her garden, riding her bike, or training her German shorthaired pointers for hunting and field testing.

Heather’s commitment to the environment is evident in her daily work. With her impressive skills and knowledge, we are confident she is the perfect addition to our team and will be instrumental in helping to accomplish our goal of protecting threatened and endangered species such as bats, turtles, migratory birds, and invertebrates. Welcome to the team Heather. We are very excited to have you.

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