Ararat River Restoration, Greenway, and Parks

We strive for lasting client relationships built on trust, respect, and a mutual desire to implement really great projects. Our Ararat River work is a shining example. EPR has a long working relationship with the City of Mount Airy and Resource Institute, going back over 15 years prior to the formation of EPR when several EPR Principals and senior staff worked for other companies. Numerous phases of the Ararat River restoration have included water quality improvements, stream restoration, greenways and parks, and stormwater projects. Our latest phases have included additional river stabilization and greenway planning to increase water quality benefits from previous phases, and recreational opportunities for the public. As a result of the restoration efforts, the Ararat River through the City has been added to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing program, opening up several miles of trout waters that have increased recreational opportunities and tourism to the City.

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