Piedras Creek Restoration

The Piedras Creek Restoration Project is located within the Piedras Creek Aqueduct, or “Espada Acequia” is a National Historic Landmark in the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. The site was identified for restoration due to erosion occurring around the aqueduct foundation, threatening the integrity of the historic structure.

EPR was selected to develop approximately 2,800 feet of natural channel design and bank stabilization measures along Piedras Creek to address the erosion at the aqueduct and areas of bank erosion occurring at several locations along the reach. Green approaches to bed and bank stabilization include j-hooks, constructed riffles, rock cross-vanes, and bank shaping, and revegetation.

As viewsheds from trails are important, EPR is working with the San Antonio River Authority and National Park Service to select native plants and trees that provide root mass stabilization and can be maintained to preserve the view of the aqueduct. Water quality best management practices are being incorporated into the design plans to treat runoff from the parking area before discharging to the creek.