Mission Reach – Lone Star Bank Stabilization

The Mission Reach segment of the historic San Antonio River Walk provides visitor access to five Spanish colonial missions of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. Four missions have United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage status.

Recently, a segment of the San Antonio River near Roosevelt Park began experiencing erosion of the riverbank. To preserve the goals of the previous ecosystem restoration initiative, the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) contracted EPR to provide stabilization design utilizing natural channel design techniques that would address erosion and preserve the natural aesthetics of the area. The proposed bank stabilization solution included toewood with a geolift.

Shortly after the project was under contract, the Client requested design adjustments to meet permitting requirements not directly related to the project. EPR delivered an innovative solution that combined the changing needs of the Client and project stakeholders, on time and within budget.

EPR delivered a solution that combined the needs of the project stakeholders and the plan revisions were completed within three days of the request. The innovative revisions included replacing the proposed geolift with a sloped embankment planted with grass plugs, and modifying the vegetation plan to meet the permitting requirements.